#028 - UNCLE JOEY’S JOINT by Joey Diaz 

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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint....
Today, We talk about what it means to be a friend....
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2021 6 ژانویه





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Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez پیش ماه
little mikey
little mikey پیش ماه
I was gonna dub it like a Chinese movie
Doug Lewis
Doug Lewis پیش ماه
Big RESPECT to Uncle Joey. The real Deal.
Karolina Reaper
Karolina Reaper پیش ماه
There are at least 101 dicklickers who don’t enjoy the life advice that is golden from this amazing person.
Apt Effect
Apt Effect پیش ماه
Loved this episode!!! Thank you for sharing Joey!!!
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea پیش ماه
Are you threatening to kill Redbar because he makes jokes........?
Joel Dukes
Joel Dukes پیش ماه
47:45-47:55 Pure gold
Deadly004 پیش ماه
I love these ... Man just takes shit off my mind for real. Make me smile or laugh. Thank you. Doing good and looking good Jeoy
Moselyy پیش ماه
It’s been 5 years I’ve listened to ur podcasts brother. Thank you and much love.
Kurt Casper
Kurt Casper پیش ماه
“They don’t bother me....but I’m going to murder all of them in cold blood..if not for Mercy. But I don’t even pay them any attention anyway you know me.”
Eli Eisen
Eli Eisen پیش ماه
Gotta have more than one camera! Your other "Lee" is great and gets your humor!
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
patrick Riches
patrick Riches پیش ماه
Wow Joey is really sick
SLow eth
SLow eth پیش ماه
Much respect to JD !! Salt of the earth
Jason Ullrich Shiloh-Off Grid Living
People should be lucky that you have Mercy huh?! Your show is lame Joey!! You’re finished! Tough guy comedian. Right! You don’t know what comedy is. You’re a derelict criminal that’s hooked on Xanax. A derelict that me too’s women.
patrick Riches
patrick Riches پیش ماه
Classy Joey is condoning a child groomer. I wonder what he would say if a 30 year old man started grooming Mercy when she is 17?
ciroc jones
ciroc jones پیش ماه
Joey why you still selling Joe Rogans Garbage Betabrain? Cmon man you better than that.
illuminati45 پیش ماه
Oscar پیش ماه
You're the fucking best Joey.
Bud Gibson
Bud Gibson پیش ماه
Lol I’ve been doing yoga with Ari since December at least lol
Мохаммед Сулеіман
He sounds like Joe Barbara from Mafia II
DX2tI پیش ماه
Ou de Kraal
Ou de Kraal پیش ماه
hope to hear all went well with the trip to the table and the itchy knee......
Saul پیش ماه
"you can smell the fucking teeth in the air"
pk pk
pk pk پیش ماه
The guy Joey said he would do prison time over is REDBAR. Joey is disgusting get a clue
Barry Duncan
Barry Duncan پیش ماه
Your gonna be just fine my friend love the podcast...
Kat Jeffrey
Kat Jeffrey پیش ماه
Are you advocating for violence, Joey? I feel as though this needs to be reported to the police, since you have a criminal history and this sounds like you're having violent thoughts. Some of us in the audience are concerned this may escalate. at 29:50 he uses his daughter's name as a veiled threat.
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
\I hate the MISS I'm so clean* *but assume you still have a problem*! *I get them but Assume.. makes an a aww out of You and me!!!*
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith پیش ماه
Hope your operation went well.
Dean Thurman
Dean Thurman پیش ماه
Parler is out periscope s different brother
Every Single Time
Every Single Time پیش ماه
Joey wouldn't do shit he might shit is pants if he fucks with REDBARRADIO anymore
wing chun
wing chun پیش ماه
I hope his surgery went well love you Joey.
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
Its amazing. He always has a reason to feel bad for him....
chris hernandez
chris hernandez پیش ماه
Joey really giving good advertisements for daddy rogan. I guess you owe him a house.
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra پیش ماه
I hope you're doing alright today Joey! Much love and prayers player!
Peter Sudol
Peter Sudol پیش ماه
Hope you doing good uncle Joey , hope you feel better and we see a video Wednesday
Joe Coreano
Joe Coreano پیش ماه
monday jan, 10th Wya uncle Joey?
Agent 99
Agent 99 پیش ماه
Unconditional friendship. There's nothing in the world besides family like it. Luv ya Uncle Joey!
Rich Arnaud
Rich Arnaud پیش ماه
I guess its Joey's self help channel now..is it funny anymore?
Fermin Vallejos
Fermin Vallejos پیش ماه
What the fuck? Where is video #29?
Fermin Vallejos
Fermin Vallejos پیش ماه
@PureFred all right well that makes sense then I need to stop smoking so much crack
PureFred پیش ماه
@Fermin Vallejos i think the knee surgery might have pushed it back. its a shame i know man
Fermin Vallejos
Fermin Vallejos پیش ماه
@PureFred I can't breathe I thought his podcast was going to be on this morning
PureFred پیش ماه
chill brotha
Zach Griggs
Zach Griggs پیش ماه
Hey buddy I hope your surgery went well. I hope for fast healing buddy 👊
Chris Namaste
Chris Namaste پیش ماه
indeed, i thought the same & came to check on our uncle♥
Timothy Roth
Timothy Roth پیش ماه
Slippin jo jo I need that Monday joint 🦴
User_jqXy99bhxh88 پیش ماه
Idk about you but i dont wanna get me2'd by some protein powder
jimmyglea پیش ماه
I always sweat profusishly too, Uncle Joey.
DX2tI پیش ماه
What happened to zaraitta?? Did you talk to her again??
IceMr JR
IceMr JR پیش ماه
Thomas Moise
Thomas Moise پیش ماه
Uncle Joey is the king
Sash Akashi
Sash Akashi پیش ماه
Uncle Joey just makes the world a better place.
Doodah Man
Doodah Man پیش ماه
big toe little finger
big toe little finger پیش ماه
Avoiding him like hes got aids i spat my noddles out everywhere ahhh
Kathy پیش ماه
You just helped me why I feel the way I do. Thank you Tio, and God bless.
Jason Kim
Jason Kim پیش ماه
Joey Badass
coVid assassin
coVid assassin پیش ماه
Joey done settled down, aint going deep on the podcast no more.
Delusion_Sama پیش ماه
noooo i like the old start up , wheree they walk in and stuff man
Online Account
Online Account پیش ماه
Joey "you follow what I'm saying to you" Diaz
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy پیش ماه
This is why I listen to Joey..get some laughs and some love and re learn about Friendship and Forgiveness..love you Uncle Joey!!
Maximillion پیش ماه
Another lockdown? Call the heroin dealer, its over!
black kobain
black kobain پیش ماه
joey tells the best stories, even though podcasts are the new wave, there are so many podcasts to mention but I only recommend joe rogan, joey diaz, & 85South.
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
Aweful recommendations
Spencer پیش ماه
Renea Cat
Renea Cat پیش ماه
Hit it! Snap Hit it!! Snap! I died 😂😂
Renea Cat
Renea Cat پیش ماه
Joey= the guy I wish I could’ve met in the 80’s 😂. Or he’ll even now ❤️
Renea Cat
Renea Cat پیش ماه
@0shitferbrains0 not sure if he does but I do 😂😂. Usually crawling out of bed before coffee I sure don’t look even human 😂😂.
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
Do you look like a melting candle of a man.
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
Renea Cat
Renea Cat پیش ماه
@RaRa D really? 😉
RaRa D
RaRa D پیش ماه
U can meet I’m just like him
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne پیش ماه
Love you Uncle Joey this was well received right at the right time x
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa پیش ماه
Damn. Hope you're doing ok after the surgery, Joey! My moms is in the hospital so I hate to hear this but hoping you'll be even better after. Much love and respect!
Dusty Cole
Dusty Cole پیش ماه
@Ice - sorry to hear your Mom’s in the hospital, hope she gets better ASAP. What was Joey’s surgery for, if you don’t mind me asking?
Andy P
Andy P پیش ماه
Don't think Joey will see this, but just in case I wanted to suggest Joey looks into Kratom for severe pain if the edibles alone don't do it. You can find it at your local tobacco shops or online vendors. Less abuse potential that opioids. I use it myself as needed. It's a partial mu opioid agonist rather than a full agonist possessing analgesic properties. I just don't wanna see Joey popping pain 💊 ya know?
Hunter Grimes
Hunter Grimes پیش ماه
im like what he was saying in the beginning. ive taken 800mg and felt nothing. everyone always says "they were probably shit." well it was 2 500mg brownies that i split about a 3rd off of the second and gave to a buddy who was physically fucked. like ther was no faking or disguising how fucked he was. i also ate 2 of these nerd rope edibles that were killing mf's in a half. nothing. ive made my own edibles countless times the one i gave to a guy that told me it was not only the strongest but the best tasting edible he'd ever ate and he eats them a lot. edibles do not do shit to me. hell weed barely does anything to me in comparison to some. id pack half gram bong load half way put hash and wax in it, fill it the rest of the way with weed then rip the whole thing in one hit and go to work. i was high as hell but theres a lot of people that couldnt even function on that. people used to see me hit that at parties and there jaw would drop.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve پیش ماه
I wish there was a way for fans of the podcast to get Uncle Joey a picture of Zariah (correct spelling?). That would be fucking tremendous you guys.
Goomba Jenkins
Goomba Jenkins پیش ماه
God bless uncle Joey
Joseph Paladion
Joseph Paladion پیش ماه
3 friemds passed in a month and a half so far...its good to get a laugh in!!
Elliot پیش ماه
200 up my ass in surgery for emergencies might be the funniest shit I've ever heard
Brandon Britton
Brandon Britton پیش ماه
We Miss Lee Syatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
@Brandon Britton yeah. He s gotten so big he has to have his dad bathe him and he gets his food delivered thru the window. He s a wreck. A huge wreck
Brandon Britton
Brandon Britton پیش ماه
@0shitferbrains0 what?
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
He cant leave his bed. He s basically gone
josef2012 پیش ماه
I'm good with the coke stories,dawg. Thanks anyway.
Warrior For truth
Warrior For truth پیش ماه
Fuck draft kings5
margaret-rose donnelly
You do realise you are the apitiomy of us Nurses *not dental-just any hospital visit worst night mare .Sure when tbe anesthetic wears off lots of flowers but wake u up from anesthesia???Hard ask -just sayingX
margaret-rose donnelly
margaret-rose donnelly
🌲So good to see you so Healthy Looking 15 years younger🦉🌲Hearts &thoughts with your Country Stay Safe.🌱🥀⚘🌹
Jake پیش ماه
When's Lee coming back I hope he's alright
Derek V
Derek V پیش ماه
He Sweat so bad on HotOnes 😆
Collin Griga
Collin Griga پیش ماه
i love uncle joey but this podcast has lost its magic.
buck shot
buck shot پیش ماه
JOEY CHECK THIS OUT!!!!! iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/kKqkkZ-wyZCXn30.html
Gandhi P
Gandhi P پیش ماه
Looking good Unc!
bill bill
bill bill پیش ماه
Sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish Market
boricuadaddy پیش ماه
Uncle Joey is a true G. Fucking love you man. Wish you a speedy recovery. 🙏
Bigtee Sumlin
Bigtee Sumlin پیش ماه
Hey Joey why don't you just say his name.? Its Mike David
British Comedy Intellectual Artist Podcast
Uncle Agent Joey Bad company corrupts Good company... Your secret is safe Joey. Rogans not your friend Joey. Assignment. Your owned Joey. Pussy is an appropriate name. You lift people Joey? NAZI's do psychological torture which is murder. Bad at math Joey? Yes. You are a criminal %100 Fair Play right Joey? Yes. Fair Play Fair Play I AM YOUR FRIEND JOEY. I WILL HELP YOU.
GetYourGameOn پیش ماه
I haven’t watched much since the move back to his old stomping grounds...but to see that his views have maintained I’m very very happy for Joey..this man is an example of how someone can change their life for the better..we love you Joey and congrats on the move along with the continued success..
John Sarmiento
John Sarmiento پیش ماه
Que viva la amistad! que buen podcast. Importante lo del diario
DoubleUpOnBob پیش ماه
TheLavenderLover پیش ماه
Write your thoughts down... Journaling ... ➡️ 2 Corinthians 10:5 ”...take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.”
Davos Jamos
Davos Jamos پیش ماه
You really let Redbar get to you Joey? That's crazy dude I thought you DGAF
DMoneyyy پیش ماه
700K !!!! Congratulations Uncle Joey !!!!!!!
Veronica Dean
Veronica Dean پیش ماه
Also, thanks for talking to Chris. I love and miss him!
Doodah Man
Doodah Man پیش ماه
Me too. Life Rips
A Dizzy
A Dizzy پیش ماه
Best of luck on surgery today Joey! It’s my birthday, and the best gift I’m getting is knowing my uncle Joey is getting back to tip top magoo shape. Much love unc!
Rafael Mengão
Rafael Mengão پیش ماه
Is your friend Ryan Sicler lmfaooo
Veronica Dean
Veronica Dean پیش ماه
I'm a huge fan of TCOWHN, I took a break from the joint because it seemed like more of a motivational podcast rather than a comedy one. Now, I'm back and it's because my father passed away a couple weeks ago. These are saving my life. Thank you Joey.
A money315
A money315 پیش ماه
Sorry for ur loss but I totally agree I listened to the first 6-7 episodes and this is the first one I’ve listened to since this episode was ok but not a huge fan of the advice/motivational stuff
Doodah Man
Doodah Man پیش ماه
I'm very sorry for your loss. Church/Joint Fam is here for ya.
Irving V
Irving V پیش ماه
Sorry for your loss, you will always have the church family here to support you. May your father RIP.
Niall Cully
Niall Cully پیش ماه
I hope your doing well, what I did when I was able and got my head straight was that I decided to live for my mother, so i did the things in my life that I knew would make her proud. I'm not religious but I believe they never really leave us. Your dad will always be watching over you.
Anthony LaTerra
Anthony LaTerra پیش ماه
Uncle Joey. If you only knew how much this podcast hit me in the heart. Thank you for EVERYTHING
LSDiaz پیش ماه
It's Friday. Stay strong for the surgery Uncle Diaz. And hey, Thank God for Mercy. Happy birthday! Wish you all the best.
Jxxx Txxx
Jxxx Txxx پیش ماه
Happy Birthday Mercy! Thanks for saving your dad
Mista pushy
Mista pushy پیش ماه
Mista pushy
Mista pushy پیش ماه
Mista pushy
Mista pushy پیش ماه
Mista pushy
Mista pushy پیش ماه
Jimmy پیش ماه
Hope surgery goes well Unc
Chris Blatter
Chris Blatter پیش ماه
Wanna ruin a good party ...let an old lady tell you what to do..done
carter vansickle
carter vansickle پیش ماه
Good episode 👏
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