#029 - UNCLE JOEY’S JOINT by Joey Diaz 

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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint....
Today, we talked about the surgery and Jeff Scott of The Comedy Store.... RIP.
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2021 12 ژانویه





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WhocallsmeTy پیش 18 روز
love uncle Joey! commenting to boost the vids!
adam thoba
adam thoba پیش 23 روز
Jeff - its too much by 37:37 ...I mean come on. Joey we GET IT, but all in all - people now - of days - we are all so fucking fragile, so fucked up, so hard to one another - people are no longer interested in friendships, or anything of the sort. Internet friends and real friends are a conjecture of nothing more then thinking the exact same, talking AT one another, and being there when its convenient. But Joey, please - I don't know brother we just have different synaps firing,, PS DID BUDDY TELL JOEY TO STFU at 41:55?
Mike پیش ماه
Goddamn Joey, brush that tongue. Starting to take on a green tinge, and whatever that black spot is.
David Hoj
David Hoj پیش ماه
kerw1n پیش ماه
Uncle Joey is probably the only person I’ve ever known that eats edibles as a snack because his tolerance is so high
Dill Doe
Dill Doe پیش ماه
Avery پیش ماه
Fuck man, I listen to this at work and it just makes me wanna smoke more often😂
Mx Harescrambler
Mx Harescrambler پیش ماه
Joey Diaz never ran a 3k in his life
swelremarkable پیش ماه
Ah, it's Joey's brother.
melissa gardner
melissa gardner پیش ماه
Lmao 😂 can I take a eatible? Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Please don’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
melissa gardner
melissa gardner پیش ماه
Hey Uncle Joey!!! Heal up like a Doctor
Apt Effect
Apt Effect پیش ماه
Love you Joey! “Nancy’s Titties”
Padge112 پیش ماه
Forgot how uncle Joey use to brighten my day. No one will help you more than you can help yourself though. Pull your head out your asses and get your rhythm.
steven karras
steven karras پیش ماه
Love you Joey
Taylor Toth
Taylor Toth پیش ماه
Love you Joey! Big inspiration keep on being you man!!!
Andrew Kosyjana
Andrew Kosyjana پیش ماه
To everyone that says drugs are bad and will ruin your health I call BS i Joey Diaz has been on drugs for over 50 years and he is alive and well.
Level Up 100
Level Up 100 پیش ماه
I'm that "little nurse's assistant." Names Andrew and it was a pleasure to meet you my man. Glad you're doing well.
jileel پیش ماه
17sepp17 پیش ماه
Fucking best of luck to you Joey and your loved ones! You really are a one of a kind, to go through all that shit in the past. I have been following you and your work and story's for years.
Anonymous Global
Anonymous Global پیش ماه
Enough with the damn advertisement bs
Don P
Don P پیش ماه
Joey get in shape u have Joe Rogan in your corner that’s enough motivation. Joey Diaz is a Goat 🐐
iC U
iC U پیش ماه
For those who are in a group not going to name names but u people really need to help us in our country and take out the crazies and more important globalist people. U know u are so do what u do. I love this country and the people who made it before those that have control. Found be an Italian and saved by u know who
MrDan101010 پیش ماه
Hope ya well joey ❤️
David R
David R پیش ماه
These joints came out so fast im trying to keep up
SLow eth
SLow eth پیش ماه
Top form today JD !! You should be walking around with that MCgreggor swag.
I just seen Jeff Scott on the latest Ghost Adventures. Now I am sad. RIP Jeff Scott.
Dallas Cowboy
Dallas Cowboy پیش ماه
Turning into the Old Man Update
buffalo bill
buffalo bill پیش ماه
I like and listen to Joey. But these comedians are pussies getting mad at Redbar haha
Rob Palmer
Rob Palmer پیش ماه
"I blacked out. I don't know if I called 'em cocksuckers or if I called 'em 'Make America Great Again'." 🤣🤣🤣
The Double O 420 Show
The Double O 420 Show پیش ماه
13a18i21s پیش ماه
looking healthy sir!
Gnarbled Deebies
Gnarbled Deebies پیش ماه
Joey Diaz is really a beacon of hope in an increasingly chaotic world. I appreciate you, sir. You mean more to me than most people and I don't even know you. You've educated more young minds than some teachers could ever hope to.
Vik Marisco
Vik Marisco پیش ماه
Looking better than ever brotha!!
420 420
420 420 پیش ماه
it wasnt the white house joey it was the capitol building and people did get shot but there were not enough police to stop that big of a crowd
Just Boden
Just Boden پیش ماه
Stay up, Stay kind. Compassion for all the broken toys.
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
🌟👂🙉👂🙉👂🙉👂🌟huh.the ..sounds arelower then normal.. *THE volume* or the crappy made new head set i just got.. new head phones or maule my freakin ears..are getting Hard...ofhearing..lol🙄 eta was crap...excema. fry jakin.a hubble a patty roque like De.pimple popper years you can have one in your war canela...who the he'll knows??? ...ear mites lol!!!!???? maybe gold in there.... not the *color ear wax hold* that was a gross light mustard color non... beautiful gold yellow. but maybe I have hold blocking my hearing .barely good.. maybe real gold in there...!!!! . lol☺😉☺ brought a different set of blue tooth headless ear phones.. so it felt like it came in louder now I'm not sure what to think..!!#! ah fuck it it all this stupid over thinking got me a headache plus bitching can not find my other new head phones!! PEACE All my IRitemy Friends *The Virgin Addict* Lee A Maine.
Tim R
Tim R پیش ماه
Advice from one old man to another. Stay away from the pain pills, you've got to embrace the pain Uncle Joey!!
Ste Flo
Ste Flo پیش ماه
Fucked up like a can of worms 😂😂😂😂
Glenn Hutson
Glenn Hutson پیش ماه
Thank you
Nick Nelson
Nick Nelson پیش ماه
Fucking a joey! we gotta hit that cardio! I'm fucking worried man! fuck!
Billionaire Philly Bull
"gimme your t*ts" "none of that reggaeton"🤣😂🤣😂
Obdulio Garcia
Obdulio Garcia پیش ماه
Bruh, not even a courtesy warning for the rest of us queezy's?!
J S پیش ماه
Joey your a fuckin legend
Lloyd Bradly
Lloyd Bradly پیش ماه
Hello Joey, smoke one!😁
prime پیش ماه
mizz B
mizz B پیش ماه
Feel better soon. 😊 Love your laughter and humor 😊
ainulindale پیش ماه
You without Lee is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes..... You aint never goin' platinum!
Angel of Death
Angel of Death پیش ماه
Surgery is never fun. At 19, I had to have spinal surgery for a staph infection on my spine along with a chest catheter to pump medicine to clear out the infection. It is something that almost killed me, and it took 8 months to learn to walk again after the surgery. That was a very long time ago. I'm glad you did well with your surgery.
Jake Martinez
Jake Martinez پیش ماه
Love this podcast because I feel like he's actually talking to me one on one. WE LOVE YOU JOEY
Jack Groves
Jack Groves پیش ماه
I could live to be 100 and I would still remember some of the funny off the cuff lines.
Dennis Dehlin
Dennis Dehlin پیش ماه
That quick "Go play Dice on a corner" killed me
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez پیش ماه
Man uncle Joey there is no one better, or is more 💯 as you are. You never forget who or what is more important in life then you. May God bless you and your family and get well soon. Take care Uncle
jr krinkle
jr krinkle پیش ماه
You know rigatone, that’s Italian Reggae
Nymeria Nan 4 short
Nymeria Nan 4 short پیش ماه
Love u joey I've had a hard time recently with mental healths depression but your casts always make me smile and u really help me get through the day 😘 thank you uncle joey
Ish پیش ماه
ain’t gon lie, Joey skin kinda glowing
Greenbliss پیش ماه
Anyone else wonder how Lee is without Joey?
BaBy Mario Tv
BaBy Mario Tv پیش ماه
Day 1 of asking Joey to make the joint 2 hours and more❤️
Jack Jack
Jack Jack پیش ماه
Joe you are the best keep up the great work!
Mark پیش ماه
Looking good Joey
Jacob D.
Jacob D. پیش ماه
Like a doctah
Gandhi P
Gandhi P پیش ماه
Don't apologize Unc glad you're holding up stay bless everyone!
El Joe
El Joe پیش ماه
😂🤣🤣😂dude the shriveled dik story 🤣😂🤣
Bee Cue
Bee Cue پیش ماه
Glad you're well!! :)
Say Say Pokémon Productions
Haven’t gotten to watch you as much lately due to covid and work. What procedure did you have big dawg!?
Beardly The Kind
Beardly The Kind پیش ماه
Bless you Jeff Scott. Sleep well sweet Prince
Tyler Brock
Tyler Brock پیش ماه
Keep it up Joey we love you!!!
Canadian Wolverine
Canadian Wolverine پیش ماه
Can't wait to read your book Uncle Joey
Jack Attack Films
Jack Attack Films پیش ماه
Uncle Joey its inspiring watching you make the right but hard choices for your daughter. Comedy can wait dog write that book!
DeleriousOdyssey پیش ماه
I hope Joey lives forever
Nrg Movements
Nrg Movements پیش ماه
joey you need to do another podcast in spanish
SugaBear Tits
SugaBear Tits پیش ماه
I've never been to the Comedy Store in my entire life and even I know who Jeff was, RIP Jeff
Jimmy Jarvis
Jimmy Jarvis پیش ماه
We love ya Joey, get well soon! You're the man
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams پیش ماه
Joey, we all know you love your family...what may be interesting and entertaining...is not watching you eat a silly number of Stars, but rather go on a 30 day cleanse...? This is the greatest gift you could give your daughter
midnight toker
midnight toker پیش ماه
This Numba's for Jeff..... Rest easy Pal.....
TDOGG پیش ماه
looking good joey
scott kaefer
scott kaefer پیش ماه
Thanks for dropping in uncle Joey heal up fast!
The truth network
The truth network پیش ماه
God bless brother. Glad your feeling better. Much love big homie.
marvinshenk پیش ماه
I love you Uncle Joey. Best wishes for your rehab.
marvinshenk پیش ماه
I had Hernia repair surgery two days before Thanksgiving. When they got me on the operating table I told them I have to pee. The assistant held the cup up to my shriveled cock and I let it go. Then once they put the gas mask on me it was three deep inhales and that was it. Thank god for surgeons who patch you up and the anesthesiologists that keep you under. They are heroes in my opinion.
apothe6 پیش ماه
Get healthy unc, we need you
David Corral
David Corral پیش ماه
Darren Mc
Darren Mc پیش ماه
Wishing you a smooth recovery Joey and hopefully you don't get too bad of news about your heart
blank blank
blank blank پیش ماه
Uncle Joey how the hell do I raise my credit quickly, these um individuals say I have like zero credit, so what do I do ? Cause apparently stuffing my cash in them hiding places ain't doing shit for me
Ventura Arreola
Ventura Arreola پیش ماه
Thank you man, that's all I gotta say
Finessum 2timez
Finessum 2timez پیش ماه
Love ya Joey, glad ta see you out of surgery & back at it!
Glock Almighty
Glock Almighty پیش ماه
I love you and your show please keep doing it.
The Juice
The Juice پیش ماه
Love you Joey happy your okay. This stuff is sad and scary
Silver Steel
Silver Steel پیش ماه
Mercy showing lack of empathy early on in life.........the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree........
timo19780 پیش ماه
like a doctaaa😂
jsouth489 پیش ماه
What was the surgery for??
Alex L
Alex L پیش ماه
"no fucking Reggaeton" lmao
Billy Beane
Billy Beane پیش ماه
Nobody and I mean NOBODY would want to rape Nancy Pelosi. Why is burning a city down looting businesses goid but taking your fight to the people that are actually making the law bad?
Luck Isback
Luck Isback پیش ماه
I know Uncle Joey needs his paycheque and much respect but trying to sell sports betting right now is like trying to sell 50 cents for a dollar.
Suntzu پیش ماه
That "INTRO" is so cheap looking ,video doesnt match the audio at all! ghetto , weird ,corny , i love it.
Jordan Hedgertz
Jordan Hedgertz پیش ماه
🤗Congrats on the quick recovery Uncle Joey !! What's with the yellow tongue Dude?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TriciaBiskit پیش ماه
You look fucking amazing, so much more healthy!! amen buddy God bless don't stop love ya
Amru Soliman
Amru Soliman پیش ماه
Your podcasts are the best Joey!
Antoine Larue
Antoine Larue پیش ماه
Miss the going deep in the murky waters with lee and guests ngl.....
Thizlamic پیش ماه
Joey as the father of a 10 year old girl you have no idea how much I relate when it comes to letting her down man or her getting upset. LOVE YOU BROTHER TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
Sharp پیش ماه
Don't get bored bag
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