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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint....
Today, we talk about accusations.
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2021 18 ژانویه





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poorboydripp پیش 29 روز
Hey Uncle Joey. Your story about Nikki had me thinking about an incident back when I was a kid. At the time I don't know how old I was but I remember I was in elementary school. I had 2 childhood friends I called my best friends. Anyway we were playing in the front yard of one of the friends house us 3 kids. Mind you I am from Arizona the Navajo Nation reservation so majority of people just have dirt yards (front and back). Well this one friend (the friend whose yard we were playing in) had a dog I forgot what kinda dog but I think it was a pitbull or a Rottweiler. But it recently had puppies. And this friend's family had like a 3 or 4 foot hole in the front yard with the momma dog and the puppies in the hole. These idiots covered the hole with one side of a cardboard box and they covered the cardboard with sand!!! So the box blended in with the dirt. So we were all playing in the yard. We were playing tag or some shit but I was chasing my other friend. Also mind he was faster than me. As I was chasing him he was ahead of me I couldn't catch up to him. But as we were running he stepped on the cardboard box and fell in the hole. He got attacked by the momma dog. I remember hearing crying, screaming and a dog going berserk. He was able to get out I don't remember if the other friend's parents took him out but I remember seeing him going home with his face covered in blood from the attack. It was the other friend's family's fault. They covered the hole with cardboard and sand. They never took responsibility for that and to this day the son says I pushed him in the hole when I wasn't even near the fucker. He fails to take responsibility even the family. Later on in life I realized how his family always placed the blame on others for how shitty their son was. They both aren't my friends anymore, later down the line I realized how unloyal they were so I cut them off. I sympathize with you Uncle Joey. I know the the truth just like how you and your other friends know you had nothing to do with Nikki's accident. Love you Unc. Much love from Arizona (the Navajo Nation)
Chris Isquierdo
Chris Isquierdo پیش ماه
Sounds like Joey have a girl a brain aneurysm and is lying again
tra789 پیش ماه
1:12:46 LMAO my fucking sides
Thanos Prime
Thanos Prime پیش ماه
Buck Buck sounds nasty as hell!
Zac Adcock
Zac Adcock پیش ماه
Love the excuses made for your drug addiction. You are nothing but a junkie.
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature پیش ماه
Lmao Joey still a drug addict he just does the legal versions now
Robert Bonsley
Robert Bonsley پیش ماه
This man is addicted to prescription drugs and is a danger to his family.
Devin DeeZ
Devin DeeZ پیش ماه
DespizedICON پیش ماه
Don't have guest, they don't ever have any chance to speak. You do all the work for them.
S M پیش ماه
Redbar was right about you. You're a scared addict hiding behind your half brained daughter as an excuse for letting him dominate you.
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire پیش ماه
phosphodiesterase پیش ماه
This was one great story with a sad dissolution of a childhood friendship exacerbated by a false accusation that now a days could destroy someone’s life. Luckily for Joey, he had witnesses that were there to corroborate his side of the story. Sad how her life seemed to have peaked in middle/high school. Once again a great story by a great story teller.
John McClellan
John McClellan پیش ماه
I miss Lee Syatt. I love you Joey but you forgot about Lee and that's not right. You guys had something that was magical. You made a great pair to work off of each other.
aD aS
aD aS پیش 24 روز
He calls Lee everyday basically, Joey's not the type to just ghost someone he spent that much good time with, he's old, his time is limited. Lee went his was and Joey went his, nobody's asshurt over it.
cecilyt006 پیش ماه
I got so wasted the last summer of Band Camp that I shit the bed. The entire camp found out and 20 years later I'm STLL called the Chocolate Trombone. My life is still in shambles and It's all fucking Counsellor Chip's fault for feeding me the schnapps.
User 71
User 71 پیش ماه
Alfred Salas
Alfred Salas پیش ماه
That rock intro is a hitter !
Captin Lucky
Captin Lucky پیش ماه
Suzuki rm 80 Yamaha yz80 uncle Joe but all the same
Battingthread Beats
Battingthread Beats پیش ماه
I miss the long into of walking through the store
Brohana پیش ماه
William Hernandez
William Hernandez پیش ماه
Words of wisdom right here...
RockSteady67 پیش ماه
Joey ABSOLUTELY BUTCHERED that Draft Kings promo lol the GOAT
striker x
striker x پیش ماه
Fuck. Health is everything Get down to strictly reefer Cocksukass. Whole clean foods. Workout, vitamins and you’ll be back to tip top magoo
Jimmy پیش ماه
I wish I could talk to uncle Joey we have a shit ton in common I’ve done most of the shit he has done and i also grew up in New Jersey. My wife is Cuban from west New York the same town where he grew up. And now I feel like a psycho stalker writing this lmfao
Jimmy پیش ماه
@Erik McCormick Comedy I’ll have to try that thanks man
Erik McCormick Comedy
Erik McCormick Comedy پیش ماه
Send him a message on his patreon he will respond! :)
dilanka پیش ماه
16:25: *Curious what the game BUCK BUCK looks like? You're welcome:* iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/a8d2YJjTqnvcpKs.html
LEX RONDON پیش ماه
40:40 if this is the story about the kid that licks his finger to test the wind, im gonna lose my shit!!! ive been looking for this story for like 2 years!!!
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher پیش ماه
Should change the intro rock music to the Tony Bennett instrumental used at the end to class this fuckin joint up
Warner Franz
Warner Franz پیش ماه
Praying for your speedy recovery Joey, always behind you brother!
Nrg Movements
Nrg Movements پیش ماه
joey diaz needs to come out with his own gps app and a lifestyle health tracker app
Yung Seasons
Yung Seasons پیش ماه
what a loser
Travis Turner
Travis Turner پیش ماه
Glad Joey is still around during all of this Covid bullshit... During March when all of this popped off and we were still very unsure about how bad this could get and how quickly, he was one of the big things that was keeping me sane during that time. Big love from Houston, Texas. Joey!
Justin Erb
Justin Erb پیش ماه
Joey don't talk about your script! Some scumbag might try to get your stash!!
RC INC پیش ماه
it was really nice of JRE to support this guy and give him a platform
NÎK پیش ماه
How do you remember all of this Joey!? Un-fuckin-believable story teller.
charles helton
charles helton پیش ماه
Joey, I love you but the new setup is horrible. You are to good for me to not want to watch your podcast. You need a real co-host, someone to pal with. You need a better studio setup. You need better production put into this. I don't even watch JRE now that he's on Spotify. These changes are killing the real OG's. Keep doing you, I just want to see you shine.
VISUAL پیش ماه
*Joey would rather trust Russians* 🤣 before he would Democrats at this point
joey garcia
joey garcia پیش ماه
hey can anyone enlighten me? what does run the light mean?
Jacob Airgood
Jacob Airgood پیش ماه
808 VW’s
808 VW’s پیش ماه
Accusations only hurt the good ppl...cause we have a heart&conscious🤙🏽
BlackS0l پیش ماه
I AM writing a book! Intellectuals say, just the act of writing a book is demotivating. Keep ur head up all you momos out ther
dt1995 پیش ماه
This is the best love you guys and uncle J. Smoked a numba and enjoyed the joint.
Albert Shaffir
Albert Shaffir پیش ماه
We all love you joey, but come on, we all know you robbed that house lol jk love you coco
Adam Beckley
Adam Beckley پیش ماه
Thank you for these podcasts Uncle Joey! You have been an inspiration during these dark and gloomy times.
winnipeggster پیش ماه
joeys gettin ahead of the allegations
Sunny Day Tea Factory
Sunny Day Tea Factory پیش ماه
Need some inspiration brother. During the past year, day by day, isolation breaking into anxiety and depression. How long can we all hold out for?
bietron staton
bietron staton پیش ماه
How the heck does he remember all of this?
I just saw the comedy store doc. Are you kidding me? phenomenal!!! Very professional!!!
Antonio Moraes
Antonio Moraes پیش ماه
You kick some ass uncle Joe
Cody Block
Cody Block پیش ماه
I really appreciate the love you can tell him and wife have for eachother
Michelle Vanbee
Michelle Vanbee پیش ماه
Love listening in Joey! I have a son named Joey. You are like the long lost friend I always wanted!😁❤🤣
Big City Clipz
Big City Clipz پیش ماه
31:48 id watch joey sing classic love songs lol
Steve From Yellowstone
He keeps accidentally calling it the church lol makes me a bit sad but loving the joint!
Miguel Lopes
Miguel Lopes پیش ماه
Sucks without Lee!
Mr. SpookyRattleBones
Mr. SpookyRattleBones پیش ماه
Tremendous as always!
Big Hissy
Big Hissy پیش ماه
How do you remember what happened in 7th grade? I can't remember what I ate yesterday. Thanks for the positive vibes. Love your podcast.
Mike D
Mike D پیش ماه
Why doesn’t the other dude joust conversations with you? This would be way more entertaining
DjTheDon614 پیش ماه
I wonder that
TheHybridCompany پیش ماه
I love Uncle Joey!
shane bemish
shane bemish پیش ماه
Yz is Yamaha, I had a Kawasaki kx80
Z پیش ماه
loved the childhood stories in this one Joey! Reminded me of my own
365 TikTok
365 TikTok پیش ماه
“Bet a little, win a lot” tremendous slogan
365 TikTok
365 TikTok پیش ماه
Joey Diaz = 🐐
AK 4o
AK 4o پیش ماه
Kiss freaking blows
Marcus Gonzales
Marcus Gonzales پیش ماه
Sittin in my car waitin to start my work day listening to uncle Joey, gotta get my morning started right
Cameron O
Cameron O پیش ماه
1:08:55 Wut? Lol
Todd Winthrop
Todd Winthrop پیش ماه
“Don’t bust you fuck” 😂😂😂
Matthew Black
Matthew Black پیش ماه
I can see your movie unc, you gotta write books about your childood, youth and adult lives. It's Community based, joyful, funny, painful, hard work, criminal, redemption, success, forgiveness, family. Unc there's so many lessons and emotions in your story you have to make (at the very least) the books happen. Safe and full recovery!
Israel Davis
Israel Davis پیش ماه
I didn’t know you hurt your knee uncle ! Hope you get better soon ! That’s good your doing good !
Damo Suzuki
Damo Suzuki پیش ماه
Yamaha 👍🏻
Indigo Cookie
Indigo Cookie پیش ماه
Much love 💕 joey!!! Im glad your knee is healing always sending love and good vibes!! Hope to see you in person one day!!!
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson پیش ماه
Don't get discraptive
Charlotte Sabastian
Charlotte Sabastian پیش ماه
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Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez پیش ماه
mike needs to become a co-host
Darren Benson
Darren Benson پیش ماه
Glad to hear about the knee. Keep up the pt and it will be fine. Mine took longer to get over than I thought it should but it’s good now.
Jeffrey Collins
Jeffrey Collins پیش ماه
@17:20 The Buck Buck Game, you can see it at the beginning of the movie A BRONX TALE. It's during the opening credits.
Codeuso پیش ماه
Bruh.... You hella pushed her. 😂
Goomba Jenkins
Goomba Jenkins پیش ماه
Joey be careful on that script bro much love
Ed Dunne
Ed Dunne پیش ماه
Incredible story Some people are snapped.
Nathan van Sickle
Nathan van Sickle پیش ماه
Joey you have to change your intorduce. I tried to watch but it is unbearable
Nathan van Sickle
Nathan van Sickle پیش ماه
You should change your introduction to many commercials.
Dave Wad
Dave Wad پیش ماه
Dude my newborn son just died i need these laughs...
Frank Drackman
Frank Drackman پیش ماه
Hang tough Brother!
Lloyd Miller
Lloyd Miller پیش ماه
Man when I was a kid and seen u laying on your back after running that shit was gold 🤟🏻👍🏻
Dan Rudd
Dan Rudd پیش ماه
Needed this
Spirit Foodstamp
Spirit Foodstamp پیش ماه
Joey sounds way clear-headed. Big love 🎈
Lila Dearaujo
Lila Dearaujo پیش ماه
Another great one!.. Love u uncle Joey
Broke Stacker
Broke Stacker پیش ماه
Heartbreaking story.
Adrian پیش ماه
We need more North Bergen stories! Tremendous
Edwin Torres
Edwin Torres پیش ماه
Thanks uncle Joey, I saw this video was uploaded earlier but I waited to watch because I knew when I wasn’t feeling so hot this would give me some motivation. You always do ! Appreciate your word tio
Krampus پیش ماه
I know Joey is set on writing a book, but all I have to say is nothing will ever compare to this
Tasty Tenz
Tasty Tenz پیش ماه
I could listen to Joey say anything and its still therapy for me. My all time favorite
BxGunner 81
BxGunner 81 پیش ماه
You live with your mother if you hit that thumbs down
Micah Thorner
Micah Thorner پیش ماه
Stay on that recovery game, Joey. Love ya!
TylerTaunt پیش ماه
Such a good podcast and such a good story. I was invested the entire time
Mr Sugar
Mr Sugar پیش ماه
Don’t know if anyone reads these however, i love these new story formatted podcasts. 12 months ago I never understood how people say The Church helped them but with The Joint I can honestly say that episode after Joey got his knee done, helped me. ❤️❤️
Angel Vasquez
Angel Vasquez پیش ماه
I miss the flying Jew lol
Pablo Onzaga
Pablo Onzaga پیش ماه
The next thing you know you’re oj wife in the concrete 💀💀
Daniel Mouynes
Daniel Mouynes پیش ماه
Meth Monkey
Meth Monkey پیش ماه
I love that Joey still says The Church on accident all the time
C Anderson
C Anderson پیش ماه
He thinks all his old ass stories are epic... no wonder why he still scared to hit the stage panic attack ass scared of everything while he sober
Homespun Yak
Homespun Yak پیش ماه
Joey is one of the few people who gets away with laughing hysterically at his own stories. In fact, I prefer when he cracks up hysterically while recalling his past. A genuine and funny dude
Mike Rivs
Mike Rivs پیش ماه
"Tato Taught him Two Tings" Tremendous.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy پیش ماه
Joey you are babbling on about sweet fuck all...these are definitely not on the same level as his COWHN podcasts..🙁
E A پیش ماه
Sometimes people are hurting and need someone 2 blame. Pray for her and let it go. Joey "I rob people not push little girls" Diaz. 😆 😆 😆
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