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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint....
Today, we talk about accusations. Again.
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2021 20 ژانویه





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Dylan Knowles
Dylan Knowles پیش 12 روز
I love you uncle Joey but did you just refer to Tom Brady as “the quarterback in Tampa Bay”?
Whalebone پیش 22 روز
"Not one of these LA lesbos that do it part time or whatever" Lmfao
Allan Ros
Allan Ros پیش 28 روز
Uncle Joey is very calculated with his malapropisms. He’s the master of em just like little Carmine on the Sopranos or fuckin’ Archie Bunker on “All in the Family”.
Allan Ros
Allan Ros پیش 28 روز
Joey, seriously. Fuck those Oxycontins. I hope you meant to say oxycodone because OxyContin is straight fucking evil. That shit was crafted in hell by Satan’s alchemists bro. They feel amazing. Haven’t had 1 since 2005 thank god but for a couple months I got strung out on them and even in that short time they got a grip on me like you wouldn’t believe. I know you have an addictive personality just like me and many many of your fans Uncle Joey. I just really got worried for you right now when you said OxyContin. I also thought they had been taken off the market and the evil Sackler family who owned the pharmaceutical company that makes them basically useless is 75% responsible for the opioid epidemic that is ravaging lives and destroying family as we speak. They got sued for billions and had to pay up but since they are dope dealers far beyond Escobar it el chapo proportions (legal smack dealers plain and simple, they also paid for bogus studies to be done that told doctors to prescribe OxyContin to their patients because “the risk of addiction is very low or almost non existent”. They knew. I bet the mice they fed that shit to in the lab fucking ran themselves over with their own little running wheels in their cages when the scientists took the pills away to see how it affected them. I know a guy that actually committed suicide because he got hooked on them , lost his job, looted his family bank account , he had young kids and a wife and that shit single handed my destroyed the dude and he hung himself while going through withdrawals because he just couldn’t quit and he was sick of failing his family over and over again. If there is such a thing as the anti christ then it’s name is OxyContin. I’d rather see you shooting china white heroin for the pain than taking fuckin oxycontin, heroin is easier to quit and I kid you not when I say that. The only good OxyContin has ever done for this world is when Rush Limbaugh got addicted to them and showed the world what a fucking sick hypocrite he is. He hated on drug addicts for years from the 1980s through the 1990s right up to the early 2000s when it was discovered his sorry ass (shove you’re gold microphone up your fat ass you fucking tiny prick, fuck rush Limbaugh. I almost wish I was going to hell so I could laugh at him for ending up there after he dies) was hooked on OxyContin and had his poor Mexican immigrant maid getting them for him in her name. Talk about hypocrisy. Anyway uncle Joey we love you and just wanna see you happy and healthy and those OCs scare the fuck outta me man. Better off with Vicodin cuz even if you get hooked you get over the sickness after only about a few days, a week at the most.
David Reed
David Reed پیش ماه
god damn jersey looks good on ya joey, keep it up soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
How long you been holding that shit in joey. You junk head. Your funeral ep......mmmmm
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
46:41 i love these uncle joey stories.
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
28:28. yessssssss lmao bring back ken
Good4You پیش ماه
Joey Deas if you’ve ever rob the house you should’ve been put away for this false accusation because it was coming to you but instead you dodged reality and Justice again and eventually sold your soul to the devil
Ianx-Cast پیش ماه
Joey, you are one ENTERTAINING dude!
User 71
User 71 پیش ماه
Javier Valdez
Javier Valdez پیش ماه
Absolutely love these podcasts videos. I work 11-12 hour shifts of mostly nothing but listening to Diaz makes my day easier.
Zeneb Osman
Zeneb Osman پیش ماه
Alhamdullahi 🤲 that's what khabib says.
Jordan Shelfort
Jordan Shelfort پیش ماه
I had surgery one time an they had cleared me out so when i woke up i didnt shit for over a week i swear i was worried
Jordan Shelfort
Jordan Shelfort پیش ماه
Fuck i love the shots of deloted from thr hospital
xmaarten پیش ماه
1:14:28 "Your mission: Be nice to somebody everyday" (also) Uncle Joey
S Winn
S Winn پیش ماه
Uncle Joey we know you gotta pay the bills. But remember we’re watching IRitem commercials on top of your infomercial. I’m sweating in a kitchen across the street at Utah wise guys and this is my 15min break and 10 of it is you telling me about shit u don’t even use
1digitalwatcher پیش ماه
I just felt bad for the guy you owed money too. I need money too but you will go broke giving it away.
Emily De Cesare
Emily De Cesare پیش ماه
Love u Joey hope your recovering well and fast. !!!
Buddah Lovaz
Buddah Lovaz پیش ماه
we love you joey diaz you keeping it real
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne پیش ماه
Love you Uncle Joey ❤ ❤
taLLdavid پیش ماه
Joey Jingles accused of taking the change jar lmfao 🤣😭💥
Jack wilsher
Jack wilsher پیش ماه
Im 12 minutes in and he hasn't stopped talking about poop. Why do I need to hear this uncle joey 🤣
Rob Carty
Rob Carty پیش ماه
Shit and balls I love it. Uncle Joey 💯
david bingham
david bingham پیش ماه
This is awkward. Im just about to thank you for the free content, then your thanking me for tuning in. Thumbs up for you Uncle Joey.
grrr پیش ماه
fuckin commercials i use them to settle in
Randall Vickery
Randall Vickery پیش ماه
it's a bummer. Joey touching money now. gotta do what he has to do.
Jonathon Johnson
Jonathon Johnson پیش ماه
love you joey!!
Mickey Squintz
Mickey Squintz پیش ماه
I have this ominous feeling about something bad happening to Joey. Has me very worried.
Jay Myles
Jay Myles پیش ماه
Love ya uncle Joey...cleaning the house taking bong rips n feeling tip top fuggin McGoo
Patrick PK
Patrick PK پیش ماه
Enjoy election day 😁
Carroll Walls
Carroll Walls پیش ماه
You got to love a guy who says: "My heart goes out to you cocksuckers."
0shitferbrains0 پیش ماه
His heart will go out dont worry
errrc پیش ماه
bring back Kennedy
Katlego Mokoena
Katlego Mokoena پیش ماه
Joey looking good👌🏽
Crucible P. Kunklestein
Gekokujo76 پیش ماه
14 minutes of ads in an hour and a half podcast? Savage!
RodSterling’s Grandson
Uncle Joey is a stand up guy, I get taught lessons on how to live life and be a better person with every upload. I’m forever indebted to him for saving my life.
Dom Hallwood
Dom Hallwood پیش ماه
vid starts about 7:40
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
to say cuz they're good-looking.. Or they have a great shape +looks hat's the only reason why I would have sex with them .. That's so shallow or I got ta tap that..blah blah all.talk..most good looking people still can't climax ..so to spoil your fantasies... That the expressions is actually very vague to say and vein to say anyone .. That Could and Would pass a pretty face..Could passes that up..has morals great... I think anyone that has a good look to him +her self Doesn't mean you have to f*** ..them.. or you got a weak character to yourself because you can Let It Go by in fact that's the moral of anything is to say just cuz they're good-looking doesn't mean a joke about it yeah LOL LOL to act on it is another thing .. Plus second the disease is out there.. who knows who has what and who does what.. thirdly how about just the plain back of just having morals for your body.. yes orgasms feel great but so doesn't knowing that I didn't sleep around like a tramp..make it feel like I am more of a wiser person that I didn't have to find my Enjoyment with other people to the point where I also best getting a unwanted pregnancy or unwanted disease! That's why I used to scare you out yes and I see that the government kind of does that to people if you have no Basic Ground of knowing where these things come from such as diseases like AIDS and hepatitis Etc folds that you can still get by using a shared needle.. Iif you had a point or your duck has one... you could have stuck it into anybody or anything.. ihi needs to be hit just so in order for you to enjoy it then you could have touched it with a lot of other things besides somebody.. Dispersion thing of guys meeting that needs to end but the desperation to thank if somebody is good looking and you can't pass that buy that doesn't really say much for your morals you have to tap into everything I don't think so joking about it's one thing but to think this is going out to young people I just wanted to cash in and throw something into the Ring of by saying sex as cause a lot of cash out on a lot of people's lives meaning unwanted pregnancies or diseases and such so I wouldn't recommend it for people to think it's somebody's pretty that's .. Nice But move on.. I like the thought of not having everybody feel like they have to go around 100 time plus.sexual spell called experiences most of the time the guy gets off at the women get s*** on horseshit nothing not even a high from a bump of blow I guess you could say I don't know I don't do that! But they still 90% of the time don't usually end up as happy as seen on a damn uneducated porno flix!!! . Let's put it that way. say they're so good bed .. when nine times out of 10 none of them know what the f*** they're fucking doing. It doesn't or hasn't come naturally...no pun intended .but learning a woman and mans zones are key...to starting with basics... I have studied it for the last Thirty f****** years of my life and I have found nine times out of 10 ..and loads of meds can deplete that too.. it is nothing like the movies..okay That's not to tell you the truth! Marketing isn't always telling the truth remember that! . but it is to Sunday gray people sleep around but they don't have to sleep around .they don't play into that.. Asexual relationship is more meaning to most woman then a guy yet they want you to be VIRGINS..ah cut that shit off yes have divinity to yourself. .but do not lie to prove yourself ..or protect they feelings..be Realistic and we all might 3nd up ALOT better off without the weight of the world on your shoulders.. To have the sex life like people think they want to honest Takes a little investigation for yourself and find out what really works and if you can't be honest with you. Now then you have nothing else to go on and move on to something else or somebody else! . Be selective not just a surducer.. To have more of your llifes vauled . Also smells come ALOT from what your diet is too... What you put in your mouth which relay even pills! Doesn't need to be food or sugar remember it's all related to some sort of plants and like any plant they don't always smell so flowery in fact some of the most Biggest beautifulest plant smell basically like s***! Go look it up it's amazing!.. Plus if someone has an odor... you got to stop making fun of them ..oh protect they *feelings* Tell them..or live with it...they can go all day and weeks months ..years without a tap to say ..you got to see why you smell...and not always so natural . The person got to care about themselves nore about they personal hygienes...Nothing's where I than bringing up an *Odor* *Literally and Physically*
John McClellan
John McClellan پیش ماه
Joey please get Lee back on the podcast. You are great but Lee added so much. It's like the Beatles without John Lennon. Bring Lee back please please please.
Ubercoo پیش ماه
I lost it at, Those are some balls, both the motions & voice
Pestrak4 پیش ماه
Sounds like a masshole...... you don’t get drunk till after the show smh
metalby c
metalby c پیش ماه
love to you and all your loved ones uncle Joey,,,love and best wishes from Australia
Naum Velasquez
Naum Velasquez پیش ماه
Uncle Joey keeping me alive during quarantine. Heart fucking breaks thinking about not seeing you every time I’d be at the comedy store & notice you watching the act standing next to the door always wanting to just go & shake your hand, but never did to not interrupt the act or bother you. But always related to your story, I found my mom dead at 5 when I woke up in the bed next to her with my 5 month old sister in a crib & my dad at work & blah blah blah being raised by all the hoods & gangs around me teaching me how to hustle & steal right next to the Kaiser on Hollywood & edgemont. I know it’s not the same but it hit home. Your content always gave me a great perspective on life & I’m thankful for ot
Harry Kalasho
Harry Kalasho پیش ماه
We're here in Sarasota Florida listening to you Uncle Joey,,, Remember your Sarasota stories Lol?
D dubbs
D dubbs پیش ماه
He doth protest too much , give it a rest
ZuttiNet Network
ZuttiNet Network پیش ماه
3:03 Joey "Snort Blow" Diaz
MCSORENS پیش ماه
God bless you Joey, praying for a good recovery for you.
jon Travolta
jon Travolta پیش ماه
Who's behind the camera?
titsbeerbong420 پیش ماه
titsbeerbong420 پیش ماه
Joey TMI No Filter Diaz!
titsbeerbong420 پیش ماه
Joey I fucking love 💕 you all the same Diaz.
titsbeerbong420 پیش ماه
FB shows me the number of msg I have unread on messenger but I don’t hear sounds to tell me. Same as notifications on FB. See a number don’t hear a sound.
Mark Young
Mark Young پیش ماه
much love uncle joey....but this is unbearable. i miss the church. i cant nomore....love you much and thanks for helping me in the past, but this is horrible to me.
jon Travolta
jon Travolta پیش ماه
I miss lee
Anthony Salinas
Anthony Salinas پیش ماه
This is tremendous
Robbie Harley
Robbie Harley پیش ماه
thanks joey
melissa gardner
melissa gardner پیش ماه
You look healthier and happier Uncle Joey. Love you you
Daruna پیش ماه
Fucking brilliant this podcast. Joey Diaz is a hero.
JC S پیش ماه
C Catholics love Joey Diaz
Pillow head Studio
Pillow head Studio پیش ماه
I like this guy think I’m gonna stick around
Gorilla Axe
Gorilla Axe پیش ماه
Joey, you need to look at using Dude Wipes. 🧻 I'm the same 🧼 type of guy. Dude Wipes should sponsor your show.
MaX MaX پیش ماه
Have u seen the channel about ur ufc career mode? Lol ... the guys channel name is robynosk
LEX RONDON پیش ماه
uncle joey!
1981yama پیش ماه
Joey - Rogan hates you and he made that clear
JT Talks
JT Talks پیش ماه
What happened?
Rick The Rocker Graham
JOEYS BACK IN THE HOOD HOME. I love how he tells people like me about LA. I was going to go out there as a Bass player but declined knowing I would either up dead there or on the road. God bless the Bands that did it but in my NY mind I declined.
Every Single Time
Every Single Time پیش ماه
Joey really made this guy Mike RedBar mad.
Dylan Coulson
Dylan Coulson پیش ماه
Listening to this on thursday was a shit day but smoke a number and heard that draft kings ad ending and i am rolling 😂😂
Sushi Banool
Sushi Banool پیش ماه
The effects of the pain meds have really loosened Joey up. It's so cute, I love this lol
JM پیش ماه
This guy is a walking cigarette
Psychepus -
Psychepus - پیش ماه
Did joey talk about Lars Ulrich?
Michelle Vanbee
Michelle Vanbee پیش ماه
Love ya!!!!!!😁❤
JC V پیش ماه
double headaa
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
😬🤐😬🤐😬🤐😬🤐 *MORE like... Doug Well. That work itself out!!!* *Made odd common sense* Peace
St He
St He پیش ماه
Im a fan, but the podcast sucks now.
JT Talks
JT Talks پیش ماه
The church in 2019 was fire
Homelessmeatball پیش ماه
Is he still selling those hoodies?
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
Do you know about, when President choose Kennedy's desk that they had in storage to use as his own ..at the Oval Office!.. Just thought I'd throw that out there!
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
Do you know they still keep his desk downstairs and storage and that when you get to choose a desk at the Oval Office they find that you can choose ones from past president and Obama had chosen Kennedy's desk! Just thought I'd throw that out there!
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno پیش ماه
Ann Donnelly
Ann Donnelly پیش ماه
Great podcast 👍
Sam Wood
Sam Wood پیش ماه
Who's better than you jack
very professional!
vikster90 پیش ماه
One of the best Joints ever!! Thanks Uncle Joey
Ben Dover
Ben Dover پیش ماه
I commented on a girls Snapchat picture and her boyfriend sent me a message too Joey. These people are fucking crazy and want nothing better to do than to mess good peoples lives up
Led Vera
Led Vera پیش ماه
Mark Maehler
Mark Maehler پیش ماه
trampi scampi, spent a Saturday with a chic, tune her truck up, no joke, just as we finished cooking shrimp scampi, she got a call and had to go, next day 2 detective show up and start accusing me of blooding her up, no way she left 6:00 in bed fat and full at 9:00, well she said she thought it was me because I didn't smell like cigs, i laughed, showed the garlic, onion, shrimp stank pan in the sink from last night, they folded their note books and left, my breath was not the clean smoke free in her claim, turns out x started some shit, why she left and it ended at 11:00 or so with him appologeticly pounding her eyes shut and her to scared to give him up, scampi saved my ass
Jin Lee
Jin Lee پیش ماه
I don’t smoke reefer no more but am smoking a pipe right now, tremendous pipe tobacco by MacBarren called “old dark fired”
evelyne van der werff
evelyne van der werff پیش ماه
i'm accusing you of making me laugh oncontrollably!!
Ahmed Ezzaki
Ahmed Ezzaki پیش ماه
Much love Unc Joey and Mike!
Michael Con
Michael Con پیش ماه
atta boy
Jor-Els Alexandria
Jor-Els Alexandria پیش ماه
Kat Jeffrey
Kat Jeffrey پیش ماه
More like Grandma Joey
Diederik پیش ماه
These new episode covers are the greatest.
Curtis Chafe
Curtis Chafe پیش ماه
Joey looking good, looking healthy man! Keep it up.
Lila Dearaujo
Lila Dearaujo پیش ماه
Do u still have your bidet?
dilanka پیش ماه
29:18: Most realistic impression of a Muslim I've ever heard.
Stan Beeman
Stan Beeman پیش ماه
Richard Banks
Richard Banks پیش ماه
LMAO Joey, ain't no way dems are ever going to give a republican a chance 🤣💀.
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb پیش ماه
What podcast beef is he referring too? Does anybody know?
Jeffrey Brezinski
Jeffrey Brezinski پیش ماه
Some guy named red bar was bashing uncle Joey.on you tube
marvinshenk پیش ماه
I had hernia repair surgery on 11/24/2020 two days before Thanksgiving. I didn't eat for 2 days before surgery, and 2 days after surgery. It was like 4 days after surgery that I took my first shit. It was a cute little dumpling.
StateView Capital
StateView Capital پیش ماه
Enlightened Diaz
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