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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint.... Wednesday, January 27th....
Today, we talked about Karma.....
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apersonsomewhere پیش 3 روز
Joey is from Cuba, technically he's more southern.
Whalebone پیش 22 روز
Deer Park gang
What’s the little piano song in the background towards the end
David Acheson
David Acheson پیش 29 روز
Joey you're a very self aware mutha and it's refreshing in this country. Loved hearing about you getting angry about the video thing, it's the normal reaction for our brains, but you're self aware enough to recognize the hypocrisy. Props!
ianscreams پیش 29 روز
These stories are so visual. I just listen to the audio and close my eyes trying to get back to sleep at 5 in the morning. The whole thing plays out like my own shitty memories mixed w A Christmas Story.
George Clinton
George Clinton پیش ماه
"joe rogans never done a drug"
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson پیش ماه
The 52 people that disliked this eat subway tuna
Rick James
Rick James پیش 29 روز
Binh De
Binh De پیش ماه
my cock is tiny but,
my cock is tiny but, پیش ماه
Hey this was on my birthday
Sean McGall
Sean McGall پیش ماه
Best advertising I've ever heard at the start right here you f°cks
Bud Gibson
Bud Gibson پیش ماه
What kinda surgery and where were these stitches ?
Izy Tri-State
Izy Tri-State پیش ماه
Damn Uncle Joey I'm from Connecticut moved to Florida back in CT now but those MOTHER FUCKERS called Me a Yankee To
Simon Kelly
Simon Kelly پیش ماه
Who does the intro tune ?
Angelique Dickerson
Angelique Dickerson پیش ماه
I love you joey
RodSterling’s Grandson
Good to the that the day I escaped from my mothers wretched womb, uncle was living his best life.
David Laque
David Laque پیش ماه
Whats stay blk mean
Eralen00 پیش ماه
January whatever-the-fuck-it-is Im 100% with you joey
Hundred Lux
Hundred Lux پیش ماه
ehhhh "someones gotta do it!" HAHAHA
Nate Cross
Nate Cross پیش ماه
There's no "karma". Some people go through their entire lives screwing people over and never get caught or found out. Their names even go on to be great. ACTUAL "karma" means that if you are born poor, you deserve it for past life wrongs. For some people, somebody getting their cumupance appears as karma. Because most assholes that want to fuck over others undo themselves. MOST, not all. This is all chaos. The only "order" is Humanity. And universal "laws" like gravity. It's all upto US. The Universe couldn't care less. My opinion anyway. Great podcast though 🙂. We all love you down here in New Zealand.
Psychepus -
Psychepus - پیش ماه
really dig the new intro
candy gender
candy gender پیش ماه
joey u looking beautiful
F. Flores 2500
F. Flores 2500 پیش ماه
the bluechew ad lol
Billy D
Billy D پیش ماه
Joey’s just a broken record at this point. I really wanted to like this new format; but the truth is his podcast and stand-up just don’t bring the fire anymore. He procrastinates, he embellishes, he lies... That’s fine; we all know Uncle Joey isn’t a role model, instead more of a living example. But the most annoying part is that he uses his prior criminal life as an excuse to deflect any criticism he encounters today. And why blame your bad sets on not having any worthy material? That’s a pretty piss-poor excuse if you ask me. Like Santino said, if you’re a comedian and you haven’t been inspired to write new material in the last 12 months, then you’re just lazy. I know the white knights are coming to crucify me, as they do, but I didn’t write this in hopes of pissing people off - I wrote it because it’s how I actually feel about the dude. And that’s why comment sections are called “comment” sections, not “praise” sections.
Ghost in the Robot
Ghost in the Robot پیش ماه
Joey is old school. Not everybody can be Ethan Klein or Theo Vhon, man. He relates with stories as like an uncle would, in a classic sense.
David L
David L پیش ماه
I think you just need more variety, you forget these people are human and we watch them for who they are. Rogan will always sound repetitive, so will Joey, Howard Stern for that matter. But what brings people back is who they are, and how they talk. Yes. Joey is a story teller. There’s probably truth to what he says but it’s exaggerated. Who would wanna listen to a guy talk about his doctor visits, stitches, etc from a boring monotone story? He adds his twist to it. Not trying to argue at all, and I agree I am refraining from “praising him” but you know what you’re clicking on when you see “Uncle Joey’s Joint” I tune in every once in a while and I’m never really surprised.
Simo Harjane
Simo Harjane پیش ماه
I swear to go ! This gangster can churn out stories nonstop unroll cows come home
MEGA پیش ماه
joey..... i've said it before i'll say it again you saved me......... no bullshit love you brother
WatchBozo پیش ماه
WatchBozo پیش ماه
WatchBozo پیش ماه
WatchBozo پیش ماه
b w
b w پیش ماه
OH MY FING GOD...WED MORNING SHIT STORY ...i can't stop laughing I have had those stress shits...lololololololol they smeel the total worst...
Mitchell Parker
Mitchell Parker پیش ماه
I was feeling shitty so I switched on some Joey on YTube and now I’m feeling upbeat again and everything is ok 😂 Thank you!
Luka پیش ماه
Man I come back here every now and then and am always entertained. Thank you guys for keeping this thing going.
VWnerds پیش ماه
Joey's ads are like oldschool QVC lol
ryan bo
ryan bo پیش ماه
looking good brother!
Steve پیش ماه
Connection nigth club Perth fringe festival comedy night tonight. New jokes
Mike Jack
Mike Jack پیش ماه
george burns
george burns پیش ماه
Eye drooping is from doing too much coke in the same nostril, also when you pop a Xanax especially with opiates makes it 10 times worse,,, have the same problem my face looks crooked as shit sometimes like dude from the goonies
wewuzzz پیش ماه
Nick E
Nick E پیش ماه
We need BlindFury on The Joint Joey!!!! Make this happen!!!!!! He's a fan!!
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
PEACE joey I need to get my roommate out asap....without a volatile ways to avoid that... Or thrown in the cold off into the tough streets..thats cruel.. caring to much sucks..damn..Help. 🌅🏡🌄🏡🌄🏡🌄🏡🌄🏡🌅
Ashton Reigner
Ashton Reigner پیش ماه
the only man I’ll allow 5 minutes of ad time for
DjRemixhd پیش ماه
One of them sadacts who disliked is a Karen who smelt your shit joey 😂
Cristian Martin Show
Cristian Martin Show پیش ماه
I would buy a audio book from Joey Diaz
Lawrence ville
Lawrence ville پیش ماه
He went down like Tom Segura😂😂😂
Mountain Life
Mountain Life پیش ماه
I love this guy, but I've been listening long enough to hear all these stories ad nauseum. Gotta tap out on this podcast.
Mike S
Mike S پیش ماه
Bro, that crying sound he made had me dying laughing 😂🤣😆 uahhhhhhhhhhh
The Video Shop
The Video Shop پیش ماه
Stoppa the bus,Stoppa the bus!
Edward Forester
Edward Forester پیش ماه
Hidrate, hidrate lot's of water even during podcast. For good med consumption. I hope they gave you stool softener.
Edward Forester
Edward Forester پیش ماه
I have three scars one in the leg one in the hip and one in the tibia flight Deck injuries. But it was worth serving
Edward Forester
Edward Forester پیش ماه
Do not forget to do your sitting exercise s
Edward Forester
Edward Forester پیش ماه
Unkle Joey coco you are a hard pt but you are not the worst. Best regards
Edward Forester
Edward Forester پیش ماه
I use to take Stitches out as a medical assistant non of my doctor s patients felt any pain.
BobBZ Mittens maestro
BobBZ Mittens maestro پیش ماه
Should be called. JOINT PAIN WITH COCO
Josh Stacey
Josh Stacey پیش ماه
Much love joey from New Zealand I love you so much. damn near passed out 10000 times from you. Funniest man on the planet I dream is to meet you one day that podcast you did with kate quigley had me dieing your a boss. TREMENDOUS went to the bar and a chick is there without a tooth you killled me. The mars rant has to be one of favourites you are a king brother im 24 and I just love you the way you went about that was something ill never forget joey
dilanka پیش ماه
33:56: Out of dozens of examples of Uncle Joey trying to pronounce the word, I've NEVER heard him pronounce "PROFUSELY" properly. LMFAO
dilanka پیش ماه
21:21: You've first heard it here folks, Joe "DMT" Rogan has never done a drug. Yeah OK.
#1 George
#1 George پیش ماه
Good comment... in the previous episode I caught Joey telling a story that he's acting like happened the other day yeah he told the exact same story on a 2019 episode the night before sober October podcast with Ari shaffir..... I was stunned he thought he could pull that and not have people know
Haylie پیش ماه
Joey!!!! So glad to hear you and all is well after surgery. Things are going to be sooo good for you after healing. Hang in there! We love you!
Josh Prasad
Josh Prasad پیش ماه
Da da da da 😂😂😂
Luciano Bonci
Luciano Bonci پیش ماه
I love Joey to death....however, its clear we are all missing the Church!!! I feel even Joey misses it dearly also!!!! we can only hope one day Joey and Lee get it back together again one day!!!!! TCOWHN lives forever
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl پیش ماه
Dougie WallBanger
bvwrestler103 پیش ماه
I can’t believe you brought up Joey Mankato I live right by there lol
Rob Briggs
Rob Briggs پیش ماه
Mike پیش ماه
I'm the same way with needles now, which is strange considering I had an addiction for a half dozen years and used them daily. Last time I had to get shots I turned white and had to lay on the floor. Now I just lay on the floor before I even get the needle.
Joseph Viggiano
Joseph Viggiano پیش ماه
That moment you feel that strength mid panic attack is a beautiful moment. I get some valuable insights in those moments.
Aaron Jamees
Aaron Jamees پیش ماه
Is his sound off from the video?
Goomba Jenkins
Goomba Jenkins پیش ماه
"He was bleedin profusciously"
CantonOhio 330
CantonOhio 330 پیش ماه
Bruhhhhhhh da man scape advert hahahaha
Luis Banda
Luis Banda پیش ماه
Fuck January and let's hear it for February
anto anto
anto anto پیش ماه
Sugaa la mink
black kobain
black kobain پیش ماه
yo joey you should interview that mafia guy on the podcast what his name michael franzese i think you both could tell some great stories
Kyle Kamins
Kyle Kamins پیش ماه
Yo Woody Creek Tavern, that was Hunter S. Thompson’s go to for lunch. Look up what he would order is fuckin astonishing.
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis پیش ماه
You gotta love Uncle Joey's stories! He definitely needs to keep writing his books!
Josh Mulqueen
Josh Mulqueen پیش ماه
Another uncle Joey shit story. Tremendous.
Stan O'Neill
Stan O'Neill پیش ماه
"Joe Rogans never done a drug" Doubt +100
Aba Bab
Aba Bab پیش ماه
new intro is awesome. Please don't play your records on that crosley/whatever cheapo turntable though (at least if you want your records to last, or sound good)!
Agent Harris
Agent Harris پیش ماه
I get the same anxiety. Last time I got my blood drawn the doctor had to get three nurses to get my blood. Ever since I can’t stand needles. Call me a jerkoff but I can’t even stand to watch the news when they show people getting the vaccines. I cringe.
Timothy Marceau
Timothy Marceau پیش ماه
I love that there's people out there telling uncle joey type stories about uncle joey. He thinks all the situations hes booked it on no ones ever put it together that it was him.
Jack B
Jack B پیش ماه
The Joint on my birthday Jan 27th! Thanks for a great episode unc
Dark Universe
Dark Universe پیش ماه
21:09 lmao
Geoff Low
Geoff Low پیش ماه
Looking great uncle J
Reuben Luther
Reuben Luther پیش ماه
New intro is fucking fire!
Evan Newman
Evan Newman پیش ماه
joey the legend diaz
Eric Guerra
Eric Guerra پیش ماه
I'll be waiting- Santana
Eric Guerra
Eric Guerra پیش ماه
I've heard the ointments from Mandcaped sucks
Joe mores
Joe mores پیش ماه
I love joey thx for the laughs coco
CRAO 1 پیش ماه
Sir Sixty
Sir Sixty پیش ماه
Could you do a virtual podcast with Joe rogan, and both upload the same video?😂
RypienGT پیش ماه
props to all the male nurses out there.
Riley Karamchandani
Riley Karamchandani پیش ماه
I wanna know more ab mike
AS Warrior
AS Warrior پیش ماه
I swear uncle Joey has a million stories. I love every last one of them.
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez پیش ماه
Rome wasn’t built in a day, however, the forest was cleared in one fell swoop...manscaped...a landscape you want to visit.
Vaughn International
Vaughn International پیش ماه
Joey lived the experience of 1000 lives in almost 60 years
Jason Dunn
Jason Dunn پیش ماه
Hey Forgetaboutit 😎
Boognish پیش ماه
One love Joey!
Baron Von Balls
Baron Von Balls پیش ماه
I’ve missed a couple episodes but fuck it , you look great Joey !
Brian Donnelly
Brian Donnelly پیش ماه
idk if unc or Mike reads the comments but a segment on buying used cars would be dope.issues to look for, working the salesperson on price, etc. peace stay black
Fox Fews
Fox Fews پیش ماه
do not take the vaccines guys, listen to the black nurse i posted. she got destroyed and countless others too. given that they even survived
Shaveez Ch
Shaveez Ch پیش ماه
why couldnt you joey go to carmine balzano funeral
Andrew A
Andrew A پیش ماه
I got the vaccine bro dont scare me like that 😆
Roy Hill
Roy Hill پیش ماه
Karma is just Uncle Joey in a gi and spiderman mask
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