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Welcome to Uncle Joey's Joint....
Monday, February 1st....
Today, we talked about feeling ashamed in life and opening up as a comedian and being honest on stage.....
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Very Professional!
Nalu Emperado
Nalu Emperado پیش 23 روز
Uncle Joey you aint no loser and you aint no nobody brother. You did things your way and your legacy is inspiring. Every human on the planet does wrong things and bad things in their life. You learned from it and chose to overcome all the demons and bad and start doing great. Your life stories and trials are truly heart felt. I admire you for your strength and perseverance in everyday life. You are funny asf and one of the realest f***ers on social media and in comedy. I wish you and your family the best and god bless you. Thank you uncle joey. 👍💯🙌🙏😇
Paul Ambrosini
Paul Ambrosini پیش 28 روز
Some days just need to hear my uncle
Michael Armond
Michael Armond پیش 28 روز
Love all the vids makes me bust a lung every time i watch
AgentHymen642 !
AgentHymen642 ! پیش 29 روز
I need to hear his voice on cheap cable advertisements at 3am
ragnar Wood
ragnar Wood پیش 29 روز
Zeki weed pmsl big up frm UK uncle joey post me a bag of the zeki
Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander پیش 29 روز
Telling the truth - I've tried it with friends - always has them laughing - some people get all worked up and say "for shame!" I was at a high school as a visiting teacher and at the end of the day there was a big plate of sandwiches, it was a Friday. I had forgotten my lunch that day and of course when you cover another teacher's classes - they take any preps away and make you do lunch supervision. I had no problem having a few sandwiches - even though there was a sign saying "help yourself," though a very stern lady teacher said, "you know those are for the kids with no lunch." I said, "yes but they are going in the garbage as it's Friday, have one if you want one, it says they're up for grabs!" "For shame!" she said, "you mustn't you simply MUSTN'T!" I took one and ate it slowly as I stood there - and said - "smoked ham - Miss Rogers - this is smoked ham - and the finest Canadian cheddar, I think there's even some spiced mustard on it, delicious!" "OMG" she replied, glaring at me. "You are a terrible person, TERRIBLE." I continued munching away. "Oh man - these Special Ed students know how to live - whoever makes these is a talented man!" God it was funny. The shop teacher joined in and said, "TASTY," man the look we got from this stuck up woman. "GOD these taste good - have you tried these ones - Serge?" The French Canadian shop teacher started laughing, "the Montreal smoked beef!" Hahahaha. I often listen to comedians doing exactly that - Gerry Dee is a Canadian example - on stage telling stories of teaching high school. "Mr D - the Gym Teacher." I mean you're listening to the truth - nothing's funnier.
Brandon Mynsberge
Brandon Mynsberge پیش 29 روز
Lee needs to be a guest
Ionut Alexandru
Ionut Alexandru پیش 29 روز
Weapon X
Weapon X پیش 29 روز
420 420
420 420 پیش 29 روز
trump isnt goin anywhere he is planning the next move... jr for prez in 24👍
420 420
420 420 پیش 29 روز
covid isnt going away joey... its a corona virus, to is the common cold and the flu... the shutdowns are ALL POLITICAL
Jarad S. Moore
Jarad S. Moore پیش ماه
Joey Diaz looks like Earl Sinclair, the dad from the show dinosaurs
Ray Jay
Ray Jay پیش ماه
He look like the baby lol
KiLLeR hANdS2 پیش ماه
Thank you Uncle Joey, we fkn love you
Athena Cruz
Athena Cruz پیش ماه
I’m not a comic but thanks, Joey 🙂
sunny sharma
sunny sharma پیش ماه
Aku Kuusinen
Aku Kuusinen پیش ماه
GREAT podcast today! Youre a real one Joey
Pacotv Games
Pacotv Games پیش ماه
2 times speed is so funny
Anthony James
Anthony James پیش ماه
Had a short day at work sittin' here smoking a number for my Uncle Joey.
Nick Amato
Nick Amato پیش ماه
Hey Uncle Joey, I live in CT, can we get together and ingest some Stars of Death? I’ve never tried them and have no idea where to get them. I enjoy smoking so I want to try them.
Robert H.
Robert H. پیش ماه
what an intro
IndigoChildWarrior پیش ماه
Uncle Joey, when is your Autobiography going to be done? The world needs that book man. We waitin bro
JasonNLG پیش ماه
Very important message to tell the truth and not be trapped by your past mistakes
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza پیش ماه
You better eat those peas cuz thats all you got - Realist shit ive ever heard ! ! ! Da Truth ! ! !
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
*I want other system to be honest* *why only us*?!?! *Okay let it all go .let it all hang loose* 💥😊🌟💥☺🌟💥😙🌟💥😗🌟
Lee JG Anderson
Lee JG Anderson پیش ماه
💥😙*PLEASE ASASP*💥😙 *Look up I open up this door* *CORRUPT Business CPS*
Skhate and Destroy
Skhate and Destroy پیش 28 روز
Carlos Morales has some great info on CPS. That is one evil organization, my girlfriend's kid had us "investigated" when he was 16. Luckily for him he was past prime kidnapping age. Their investigation went nowhere seeing as how we never did anything wrong other than try to enforce rules in our household.
JJ 3
JJ 3 پیش ماه
Ain't no future in this life of crime🙏 We love you for being honest Joey💜☮
42ang پیش ماه
I was just in Denver they had the ICEY strain and it a super string one at around 37%
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony پیش ماه
Ex con myself Joey. I took A LOT from this podcast. Respect to Tim Allen too. I LOVE that he was a coke dealer turned into a TV family dad. Twice. Mike Baxter is the greatest character ever. Love ya Uncle Joey. Look forward to every Joint you do. Marc. Pgh
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony پیش ماه
Rodney was on HBO. Always
John Ellmaker
John Ellmaker پیش ماه
Thanks for the promo code for cbd oil, had gummies recently but just didn’t want all the sugar with it. My back thanks you
Jay P
Jay P پیش ماه
Anyone else want him to have a pod cast on gta 😂
Whats up Joey? No video today! I hope you are ok. Be safe my man!
budsnduds پیش ماه
What's up with today's episode?????
Caz Simmons
Caz Simmons پیش ماه
I dont care what the weather man says......
Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia پیش ماه
So real I appreciate you sir such great advice . Just tell the truth.
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann پیش ماه
Woke up to no new episode today:(:(:(:(:(
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne پیش ماه
I'm always the same, you wanna know what the weather's like? Open the curtains and take a look out the window.
Todd Briggs
Todd Briggs پیش ماه
Great session Joey! Love it. Keep it up.
Warren Arbuthnot
Warren Arbuthnot پیش ماه
hey joe over here when u pull a chick we say were away for a stab n fry 20yrs ago,sucker.
Warren Arbuthnot
Warren Arbuthnot پیش ماه
joey I'm a fan fantastic shows I'd love a days reefer with you n I'd. beat you too bro.and joey stay partialy black you bmf
Jin Kim
Jin Kim پیش ماه
I'm a huge fan, but you rehashing the same shit dog....
Miguel Santa Maria
Miguel Santa Maria پیش ماه
22:42 😂😂😂
Morgan پیش ماه
The new intro sequence is TREMENDOUS!
Mitch Tabor
Mitch Tabor پیش ماه
Man this podcast just isn't the same without Lee 😔 and the new setup/environment. You can clearly see from past videos that the viewers have declined. We want Lee back!!!
jakeenan پیش ماه
This is the weed that...........Those lines are always gems. This is the weed that got Donny out of the White House. Tremendous.
SkepticalContrarian پیش ماه
Doth protest too much, Joey Diaz..
wibblet thewobblet
wibblet thewobblet پیش ماه
Such a beautiful tonic to the woke movement that's ruining everything atm. Love from northern England.
Nathan O’hare
Nathan O’hare پیش ماه
Ohhh shit didn’t realise uncle joey was in the mentalist
oceanblue پیش ماه
oceanblue پیش ماه
oceanblue پیش ماه
oceanblue پیش ماه
oceanblue پیش ماه
817 214
oceanblue پیش ماه
Thomas Talbert
Thomas Talbert پیش ماه
This is exactly what I needed to hear from you Uncle Joey, thank you for having the balls to share your life today and for all these years. Love the new intro as well.
oceanblue پیش ماه
oceanblue پیش ماه
The ZigZagginDragin
The ZigZagginDragin پیش ماه
Uncle JOEY. have been a fan of you and yours my whole life. Just wanted to say i heard ya talking to Marc Maron on Wtf. Then i am listening to you. And i cant get enough of your insight. My life went down a similar path.. I really appreciate your insight. I turn 40 in two weeks and i think its time to open up and start writing this down.
Mobtown Music Group
Mobtown Music Group پیش ماه
You remind me of my dads so much even look alike
Eric Pineapple
Eric Pineapple پیش ماه
Joey is my dad if he spoke English
Cornflakes And Milk
Cornflakes And Milk پیش ماه
I forgot about the Tim Allen part, so when he turned up again later in the story I was blown away
D dubbs
D dubbs پیش ماه
You're getting to that age where you don't have any stories to tell because you don't do anything
JordynHiggins666 پیش ماه
I usually don’t like to listen to peoples podcasts when it’s just one person. I prefer to see how at least two people act off of each other. But you tell such good stories and jokes that you really paint a picture for the listener. I was weary about listening after the church was over. But Joey you’re really doing great with the joint podcast. Hope you never stop man. Love from Vancouver Washington! (Portland oregon area)
Right Now
Right Now پیش ماه
We need a national anthem
Charlie Hilditch
Charlie Hilditch پیش ماه
Missing the church man 😔
melissa gardner
melissa gardner پیش ماه
Go Joey! Healing like a Dr.!!!!❤️❤️👍☮️
Gabe pickworth
Gabe pickworth پیش ماه
Uncle joey, I’m 21 and have no fuckin clue as to what the fuck is going on anymore. Took a break from college cause I wasn’t learning shit with all the covid restrictions. But every time I watch you, it gives me that kick in the ass I needed to keep going. Thank you uncle Joey.
BOB last
BOB last پیش ماه
joey needs to run for a political office in NJ. you'd be interested to find that you can run for office even with any record an no education. shit he probably would win.
Adam K
Adam K پیش ماه
Mike anit thinking about the rape cuz he never raped her
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler پیش ماه
Who the Fuck are they that you have to lie to!! Baba-Booyee!!
providr پیش ماه
just copped my mvmt watch 😎
Eddie Jo'
Eddie Jo' پیش ماه
He almost said, “let’s kick this fuckin mule Lee!”
Walter Rodrigues
Walter Rodrigues پیش ماه
I did the same thing one week into my senior year decide to be a Ironworker but thanks to a God things worked out good
adam thoba
adam thoba پیش ماه
22:00 MUST MUST MUST MUST VIEW if you have no time for the full cast
tom bland
tom bland پیش ماه
Praise God that uncle Joey's safe and well, living legend! Tremendous
David_dabz 530
David_dabz 530 پیش ماه
I feel like out of the different locations to get your pot Nevada is the best since they lab test everything and is pre package idk I like to know what I put in my lungs
xMLG_ReTiReYoUnG_MLGx پیش ماه
C4 Through your door
Daniel Diaz-Marta
Daniel Diaz-Marta پیش ماه
T N پیش ماه
Love some Joey Diaz! Mad respect!!
Daniel Dominguez
Daniel Dominguez پیش ماه
same stories...
LEX RONDON پیش ماه
Oh my god the ultimate motivator. He makes you feel like even when your pockets are burnt and there’s nothing left, there’s always something left. There’s always a chance. Just fkin do it.
Joesph Young
Joesph Young پیش ماه
8:20 The weathermen in NYC/NJ are uniquely incompetent. No where else in the country are they this bad. My rule is: whatever they say will happen, it will actually happen 6 hours later than they say it will happen.
tony Richardson
tony Richardson پیش ماه
Joey, you are like the uncle I never had but always needed much live brother.
RemnantSeapunk پیش ماه
Probably one of the best episodes so far. Keep it up!
QUADREX پیش ماه
Love ya
werrr COD
werrr COD پیش ماه
thanks for the motivation joey, needed it today
Jason Kim
Jason Kim پیش ماه
Joey Jingles
sk8legendz پیش ماه
"give your girl something she's actually going to like this year" Hahahaha fucking tremendous..
R/C or DIE
R/C or DIE پیش ماه
Don’t praise Micheal Vick making dogs fight to the death while he is a millionaire without a care in the world! Surprised Joey dismissed it so easily like the guy is a hero?
John Weston
John Weston پیش ماه
The world needs you Uncle Joey!
my benzo hell
my benzo hell پیش ماه
Started watching the church during the end of a 6 year coke and then heroin addiction for a couple years , 2 years clean of it 2018 watching the church was some great times whilst dealing with some major insomnia anyway How time flys . Much love uncle joey , stay strong , and stay safe cocksukas
Jonathan Matos
Jonathan Matos پیش ماه
I want to be on your podcast brother . So we can talk about the Bronx and Puerto Rico
Vinnie D’Onofrio
Vinnie D’Onofrio پیش ماه
Blue light causes your body to produce less melatonin. Blue light is what you’re always looking at when your looking at your phone, your computer. Treat yourself and treat your sleep buy MVMT blue light glasses today. Tip Top Magoo
Jay پیش ماه
Joey you look great! Congratulations
David Piccolo
David Piccolo پیش ماه
David Piccolo
David Piccolo پیش ماه
Oh shit!
robdmusic915 پیش ماه
44:14 my balls tingled
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
6:45 i love shoveling too, joey i miss real winters. climate control bs
Jordan Wood
Jordan Wood پیش ماه
@20:13 I like how instead of just saying “pain pills”, Uncle Joey said “I don’t wanna get hooked on the dRuG piLLs” LoL “drug pills”. It happens to all of us as we get older. My parents always say one thing when they mean another, but I always know what they mean
The Church: #759 - Tim Dillon